Instead 130,00€ now from 104 €/day

  • Dimensions 7,76 x 5,98 m
  • 4 persons + 2 extra beds*
  • Outdoor pool – natural swimming pond

Number of guests



A house sleeps four people (plus two extra beds). Each house has got a shared dwelling space covering 40m2 and a terrace covering 18,50 m2 and is marked by modern design, practicality and top quality materials. It consists of a dwelling unit with kitchen and a dining room, bathroom, bedroom and a children's room. In front of each house there is a beautiful wooden terrace.

Floor plan

Supplementary payment  for additional person = € 10.00 / day*


  • Available throughout the year (not season-bound)
  • complete offer – possibility of using Malerič Apartments extra offer
  • size – there are 16 beds and 8 extra beds, however in cooperation with Malerič Apartments our facility can sleep up to 50 guests

Natural pond/pool technology

Natural swimming ponds/pools are the right choice for environmentally aware people. A natural pool is a combination of an ornamental pond, in which water plants are grown, and a swimming pool. In such a pool no chemicals (e.g. chlorine or algaecides) are used to clean the water. The water is cleaned naturally by plants and microorganisms which feed on waste nutritional substances and consequently there is no food for the algae. In this way the water stays clean and healthy. For more efficiency circulation and filtration of water with biological filters or a cleaning system is added.

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